$10,000 Giveaway for NOT Doing 3 Things

Local author and
CEO, Tom Pace has committed to give away $10,000 in September in an effort to
make a difference in people’s lives by NOT doing three things: complaining,
gossiping or lying. 

friend of mine gave me a book called A
Compliant Free World,
by Will Bowen. 
It sat on my desk for weeks before I picked it up.   Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down
until I was finished,” said Pace.  “It gave
me the answer to improving my life and provided a simple system to improve my

3PointCommitment is designed to remind you of those behaviors, complaining,
gossiping and lying, and help break those patterns.   How it works is, you place a wristband on your
wrist, and it stays on that wrist until you do one of those three things, complain,
gossip or lie.  If you do, you move the
wristband to your other wrist and start over on day one. 

not as easy as it seems.  Pace started
this process in mid-December of 2011.  So
far, he has made the commitment for 7 days, twice.  But is confident he can make it 10 days
without complaining, gossiping or lying. 
“My energy level and my overall attitude have improved immensely,” said
Pace.  “I want to encourage other people
to change the world by joining me in the 3PointCommitment.”

Pace has committed to giving away $10,000
on September 7, 2012 to people who have completed the 10 day commitment.  When founding the program, his goal was to
make the process simple, so he developed a website for people to get more information and to
watch inspiring videos about the 3PointCommitment.

wristbands can be purchased for only $1.50 at www.3pc10.org,
or wear a wristband you already have. 
Just wear something as a reminder to help improve those behaviors.  Just setting a goal and achieving it is a
great reward.  But knowing there is a $10,000
cash drawing, makes it even better.  Once
the ten days are completed without doing those three things, go to www.3pc10.org and click “I Did It” to be eligible
for the $10,000 cash drawing on September 7, 2012. 

“My goal is that this will take off nationwide and thousands of
people will participate.  Can you imagine
what this world would be like if everyone participated?  We could really change the world just by not doing these 3 things,” said Pace.

Tom Pace is the founder and CEO of
PaceButler Corporation (www.pacebutler.com), which he launched in 1987.   

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