Who Invited the Yankee?

I received a wedding invitation this past summer. Nothing out of the ordinary – except it was from the family of my late wife, Sandy. How thoughtful… I wonder should I go? I saved the date and got on with my summer. 

A few months later, I notice Sandy’s cousins are liking some of my Facebook posts that include the lady I am dating, Alison. How thoughtful… I wonder if they’re upset with me. You know how Facebook is. 

Then as the date approaches, one of Sandy’s cousins, JW, the father of the soon-to-be-bride sends a friend request to Alison. How thoughtful… we both feel, well, we don’t know what to feel. And she accepts. 

It’s early October and as I half expect, JW messages me and asks – actually requests – that I bring Alison as my “plus one.” 

The wedding was beautiful on a perfect Texas Hill Country evening. The bride was lovely. I could tell Alison was nervous, but she pushed through her feelings and found herself enjoying the evening. And me? I found continued acceptance, support and the same good-natured ribbing I’m used to… I was still “that Yankee” who married into their family. 

This is all new territory for Alison, them and me. There are lots of feelings and memories, I won’t deny that – but I’m doing what Sandy wanted me to do – to go on, live my life, and find happiness.




Dave Miller

Back40 Design



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