White Fields: A Place to Call Home

are some people who are simply called toward a certain duty. For Tom
Ward, CEO of SandRidge Energy, you might expect that duty to be a
business venture or major corporate challenge.

it may surprise you to learn that Ward and his family have taken on a
far greater challenge to help some of Oklahoma’s most abused and
neglected children at White Fields.

is what my family believes is our calling. We were given the
opportunity to try to help these children and it’s really been our
goal and now there’s a number of other people who’ve decided this
is something they’ve been led to do,” says Ward who, along with
his son Trent, began researching ways to get involved in the issue of
child abuse and neglect in 2000.

Alberson knows firsthand the long and difficult journey the boys at
White Fields have taken to get there.

to a drug addicted mother and alcoholic father, Alberson suffered
years of abuse, a failed adoption, severe burns and spent his teen
years at a military boarding school. He ended up attending Anderson
University where Ward’s son Trent was also studying. “He saw that
I had no family, and we became good friends. He invited me home for
Christmas and they kind of adopted me unofficially,” says Alberson.

friendship, along with six years of research by the Wards, led to the
opening of White Fields in 2006. Things came full circle when
Alberson first began mentoring a child at White Fields and then