What I’m Thankful For

At this time of year, as families
gather around loved ones, they offer thanks for food, family, and health. Our
family is especially thankful this year for many things – both personally and
professionally. Have you thought of your list? I share mine, in hopes it will
inspire you to make your own this year.

1 – I am thankful for my health.

Stephanie Lambert did not ask to
have a Golf Benefit. But then again, at the young age of only 23, Stephanie
Lambert did not ask to have a cancerous brain tumor either. Her struggles
inspired my own little sister to host a golf benefit this week. Never having
organized a fundraiser before, and never having golfed a hole in her life, my
little sister (also named Stephanie) would not give up until she made a
difference. When you hear Stephanie Lambert’s story, you know you should be
grateful for the health you’ve been given.

2 – I am thankful for my little sister.

Only a few months into her first
pregnancy, with her husband Justin by her side, my little sister decided to
help her friend, and co-worker through this painful brain cancer treatment
program. Nine months later, as she was whisked away for her Emergency C-Section
last week, she still had her wristband on, in support of her friend with brain
cancer. While bringing her beautiful baby girl into this world, she showed her
newborn what love, devotion, and heartfelt commitment is all about.

3 – I am thankful for my new niece.

Sitting in the hospital bed, my
sister kept up with the donations, the teams, and every detail. Just 15 days
after giving birth, she pulled off The Stephanie Lambert Golf Benefit, to the
tune of $16,000. Lambert, who recently completed two craniotomy surgeries, as
well as extensive rounds of chemo, shed tears of joy as her thankful spirit
overwhelmed her tired body.

4 – I am thankful for donors and volunteers.

Of course, I am a beaming New
Auntie. And I am a proud Big Sister. But without the support of local
volunteers and donors, my sister’s dream of helping her friend would not have
been possible. I for one, was grateful to have done a very small part in
helping her write press releases, gain newspaper publicity, create flyers, and
open a bank account for the donations. But there were many others involved,
including 100 players, almost 2 dozen corporate sponsors, and many more… It
took an entire community.

5 – I am thankful for community.

Of course, these
types of tournaments, fundraisers, and auctions happen every day in my hometown
of Edmond. From ENHS B.A.L.T.O. week, to Edmond Memorial Swine week, and even Santa
Fe’s Double Wolf Dare Ya
annual campaigns, the young people of this community
have banded together so many times to create change, establish awareness, and
make a difference. Edmond is community. Edmond is heart. It wasn’t simply
taught from a school book, but it was ingrained within each lesson. In fact, my
own career was even spurred by my high school involvement in Edmond North High School’s
Student Council
fundraisers, which later led to a position as Director of
Public Relations for an Edmond-based charity, Citizens Caring for Children. The
effects that volunteering, donating, and community involvement can create will
last a lifetime. As evidenced by my sister’s generosity, also a product of the
Edmond Public School System.

6 – I am thankful for my co-workers.

It’s always
exciting to know you’ve made a difference in your own heart, but the feeling of
camaraderie when a group of people come together to affect lives is so much
stronger. I am grateful every day for having a job in which I wake up smiling,
to take a short commute, to be greeted at the door by smiling co-workers – all enjoying
their projects, and truly working to make our clients happy. Recently, I asked
my co-workers what type of volunteer work they participate in so I could
complete a form for the Edmond Chamber of Commerce. The results – astounding.

Back40 Design Group & Edmond Outlook Magazine Local Volunteer

  • EYP
    Mentor Program since 2010 (Stacy Brasher – Mentor, 1 Year)
  • UCO
    Sigma Kappa Alumnae, Vice President of Finance since 2009 (Amy Sharp, 2
  • Henderson
    Hills Baptist Church of Edmond Men’s Group Member since 2005 (Dave Miller,
    5 years)
  • Henderson
    Hills of Edmond Children’s Worship Stomp Leader since 2010 (Krystal
    Harlow, 1 year)
  • Francis
    Tuttle Technology Advisory Board Member since 2006 (Dave Miller, 4
  • Francis
    Tuttle Accounting Advisory Committee Member since 2010 (Heather Vernon, 1
  • Life
    Church NW SWITCH Group Leader since 2010 (Amy Sharp, 1 year)
  • Urban
    Neighbors Board Member & Community Partnership Co-Chairman since 2010
    (JR Ross, 1 year)
  • YWCA Marketing
    Committee Member since 2010 (Stacy Brasher, 1 year)
  • Greater
    Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Ambassador since 2010 (Stacy Brasher, 1
  • Oklahoma
    City Public Schools PTA Member since 2002 (Reyna Wilcox, 8 years)
  • Putnam
    City Public Schools PTA Member since 1998 (Heather Vernon, 12 years)
  • Volunteer
    Operations Boot Camp Edmond Instructor since 2009 (Amy Sharp, 2 years)
  • Volunteer
    Operations Boot Camp Edmond Instructor since 2008 (Sandy Miller, 3 years)
  • Refresh
    OKC Communications Officer since 2010 (Amy Sharp, 1 year)
  • Stephanie
    Lambert Golf Benefit Co-Chair since 2010 (Stacy Brasher, 1 year)

Back40 Design Group & Edmond Outlook Magazine Community

  • Edmond
    Chamber of Commerce Membership since 2005, (Back40 Design Group, 5 years)
  • Edmond
    Young Professionals (EYP) Education Committee Member since 2010 (Stacy
    Brasher, 1 year)
  • Downtown
    Edmond Business Association since 2009 (Edmond Outlook, 2 years)
  • Oklahoma
    Museum Association Member since 2009 (Back40 Design Group, 2 years)
  • Yukon
    Chamber of Commerce Member since 2010 (Back40 Design Group, 1 year)
  • Shawnee
    Chamber of Commerce Member since 2005 (Back40 Design Group, 5 years)

So this year, as you gather for turkey and pie, take a moment to reflect on
those around you – those less fortunate, those in need, those who give, and
those who receive. Consider what you’re thankful for… The list is never-ending, when you have the right frame of mind.

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