Vintage Threads

Before and After UpcyclingOut with the old, in with the new. It’s simple logic that we’ve all heard before, but does it really apply to fashion? Sure, there are numerous lists constructed by fashion editors around the globe that all aim to tell us what we should being doing to our closets. What happens when those lists start to recycle? Yesterday’s out can quickly turn into tomorrow’s in. Through upcycling—fashion’s new craze on old clothes—Cassie Neahring is finding hidden gems in what most people are tossing out of their closets.

What exactly are upcycled clothes? Imagine taking an outdated or tarnished garment and transforming it into something trendy and stylish. This is the concept of upcycled clothing and the theme of Cassie’s store, Out On a Limb.

Cassie Neahring, owner of Out On A Limb BoutiqueToday, Cassie is busy sewing up new items for her store. It’s too early to tell what the garment will end up being, but it’s already starting out as a rave review. As new potential customers look on, Cassie flings the garment across her design table. The thin, floral print fabr