Victory Cottage

Outlook September 2020 - Victory Cottage

Vying for the heart of a new homeowner in this year’s Parade of Homes is the Victory Cottage from Turning Point Ministries and McCaleb Homes. 

The home is located in Legacy Station, Turning Point Ministries’ first neighborhood, next to the playground at 308 Victory Road. The 900 square foot home is listed for sale at $199,900 in the Parade of Homes as a fundraiser, with all of the funds benefiting Turning Point Ministries.

Tour the Home
The Victory Cottage will be showcased in the Parade of Homes from 1-7 p.m. everyday from September 19-27.

The outside of the home is painted in iron ore, and opens up with a giant cathedral ceiling that sits over a great room. It extends to a full-gourmet kitchen featuring quartz isles complete with high-end appliances you would expect out of a $500,000 home.

It also includes a large master suite with a walk-in shower, and is a one-bedroom home. The bedroom is positioned in the loft with six windows, designed to make the room feel like a resort.

There are three small windows down stairs and one large six-panel window near the front yard. The garage is fully enclosed, and there is a spacious backyard.

Building Affordable Edmond Housing

Turning Point Ministries is a local faith-based nonprofit, and was founded in 2008 by Bob Turner, Dick Freeman, and Jonathan Gruel. The organization builds affordable housing for families in Edmond.

The Victory Cottage is the first fundraiser home they have built, but they hope to spread word about their mission and sell the home before the parade’s end. This home is completely open to the public, and the proceeds go toward building more homes for Turning Point Ministry clients.

The nonprofit’s Executive Director Michelle Gregory said 80% of everything done on the home was donated, and the build increases property value for current Legacy Station homeowners.

Jenny Landes, member of the board of directors for Turning Point Ministries, said, “Our mission is to provide a hand-up to homeownership.” Families who qualify take required financial and homeowner classes and donate 200 hours into the home’s build.

“Edmond is an expensive place to live, and there just are not a lot of homes in the price range we offer,” Jenny adds. “Certainly not brand new homes with new appliances and new roofs, so I think we fill a niche for people that have a modest income and work really hard.”

Turning Point Ministries has two neighborhoods, Legacy Station and Heritage Village, and plans for a third are in the works.

McCaleb Homes is a family-owned business with a long history as a builder in Oklahoma City metro. They have built other homes to benefit non-profit organizations, including a home they built two years ago for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Caleb said the focus of McCaleb Homes is on what they can give back. “The best way for us to give back is to provide a sense of place.” That’s what he hopes for this home and the funds raised.

For more information about Turning Point Ministries visit or about McCaleb Homes visit

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