Vic’s 66 Automobilia Auction

9th Annual Live Action in Guthrie on February 18
From Maine to California they come. In every state and dozens of foreign countries, they watch and participate. The eyes of the automobilia and petrolilana collecting world will be focused on Vic’s 66 this month for the ninth annual live auction – featuring some of the most unique and hard-to-find items in the collecting world.

“It’s a truly unique experience — at least that’s what so many people who participate keep telling us,” said Seth Robbins, owner of Vic’s 66 in Guthrie. “We love having the auction. It’s a crazy time, a hectic time. But it’s also a very special time, and a time that energizes us and the people who take part in it. It’s a really fun event.”

The auction will be held Saturday, Feb. 18, beginning at 9:30 a.m. at Bible Baptist Church, located at I-35 and Exit 153 in Guthrie.

Vic’s is a mail-order company that opened its doors in 1991 in Edmond, dealing in reproduction oil and gas and automobile dealership memorabilia. Because the memorabilia is such a hit with collectors and interior decorators, the shop’s popularity has grown significantly over the past 15 years. They have a steady customer base of more than 25,000, thanks to their website,

Robbins bought Vic’s four years ago and has continued to grow the business, particularly the annual auction that now is simulcast on the Internet through The business also has a presence at all major hot rod shows in the United States. But it has been the auction and the Internet presence that makes the name Vic’s 66 increasingly important