Use Caution When Repairing Storm Damage

One thing Oklahoman’s know a lot about is storm damage.  It seems to happen more and more often in
recent years and now we are dealing with more than just tornado’s – which is
what we seem to be known for across the country. 

Govenor Mary Fallin declared a State of Emergency for 35 Oklahoma
counties after straight winds, hail and flooding hit the state. The severe storms that came
through our state Tuesday and Wednesday damaged homes, businesses and vehicles
as well as thousands of people being without power.

Which means…out-of-state contractors will soon start knocking on doors.

Denver Green, President of Saratoga Roofing & Construction in
Oklahoma City, said “be careful of companies that go
door-to-door. If they are a professional roofing company, they don’t
usually go door-to-door trying to drum up business. You always want to
check with the BBB before hiring a contractor you don’t know. And it is
best to get references. People that have worked with them in the past
will be able to tell you if they are reliable and trustworthy. But more importantly, use local contractors.”

Green said, “When you have experienced storm damage sometimes you feel
vulnerable and all you want is to get it fixed, and fast! Roofing scams
are sometimes difficult to detect. That is why it is best to use local
contractors. Most have worked in
Oklahoma for some time and will have a track record. Plus, you are putting money back into the
Oklahoma economy which is good for everyone.”

The best thing to do is have a list of local contractors ready and available
if you ever need them. Once storm damage
occurs, you will be prepared and that is one last thing you will have to worry

So don’t wait until someone comes knocking at your door. And any time
you have doubts, check them out before signing the dotted line.


more information, contact:
Saratoga Roofing & Construction
Green, President

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