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You give the keys to your teenage son or daughter, but do you really know where they are or how fast they may be driving? If you're a business owner, ever wonder exactly where an employee is in a company vehicle? Well, now there's a simple, inexpensive way to put these moving concerns to rest.

It's called LIVE Vehicle Tracking, and some are saying it may be the most significant advance since the personal computer. Edmond couple, Jerry and Cindy Hunter, own US Fleet Tracking Company, the fastest growing company of its kind.

"All someone needs is a personal computer, online access and our small transceiver mounted under a dash," explained Jerry. "It constantly transmits the vehicle location data every five to ten seconds, any time the vehicle is moving. You can actually watch, turn-for-turn, as one or more of vehicles move around a map. By placing your mouse over a vehicle, you can see how fast it's going – even zoom in to see what lane it's in or how fast it's going."

Cindy added that the system is surprisingly affordable – only about $1.00 per day per vehicle for ten-second updates.
"Many companies and parents believe that at that small cost, they can't afford not to have the system," said Cindy. "You can monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle in real time, or you can run reports up to ninety days after the fact of historical data."

According to the Hunters, the system can handle accounts for as little as one vehicle, or as many as 950. Their corporate clients include ambulance services, law enforcement and private security agencies, taxi cab and limousine companies, airport shuttles, and more.

"Any company with one or more vehicles would benefit from this system," said Jerry. "Too often, employees use a company vehicle for their personal reasons. Other times, locating the nearest vehicle is important. Also, locating a lost or disabled vehicle is necessary. Some companies want to be sure their vehicles are being operated safely. The LIVE vehicle tracking system helps companies substantially save unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs, increase productivity, decrease lost wages and benefits, reduce vehicle depreciation from unnecessary mileage, as well as insurance rates."

In addition to the onscreen monitoring capabilities, US Fleet Tracking system also provides for two different types of alerts-one when a vehicle exceeds a certain speed and the other when it leaves a defined area. The notifications can be sent via a text message to a cell phone, an email address, or both.

"When used for personal use, the system is priceless for parents of teenage drivers or any other family member they may want to monitor," said Cindy. "You have the ability to literally map out boundaries on the screen, and receive alerts if the vehicle travels beyond them. Parents can also tell if their children are driving safely and are where they say they're going to be."

Jerry and Cindy said that US Fleet Tracking has superior benefits with a smaller price tag when compared to other fleet tracking systems, providing a better value to their clients.

"Other companies update every one to five minutes," said Jerry. "A vehicle can go quite a distance or make a number of unauthorized stops in that amount of time. With US Fleet Tracking, the information is transmitted as often as once every five or ten seconds, depending upon the particular plan purchased."

"Business is booming," said Jerry. "We have clients all over the United States and are beginning to go international, with clients now in Australia and Western Europe. In addition to our dealers, we now have seventy-two outside sales reps in numerous major metro areas in the United States. We're also planning to offer another product in the near future, which will allow personal tracking, in addition to vehicle tracking."

The Hunters explained that the basic plan is only $29.95 per month. There is no special software to purchase, no contracts to sign, is easy to have installed and the tracking device costs $429. They invite anyone interested in learning more to visit their website at

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