Upstage Theatre Company

As an actor and a mother of five, Jenny Rottmayer understands how tough it is to make time for the things you love while working and raising a family. But Rottmayer has found a unique way to do it all. With her husband Brett, she runs Upstage Theatre Company, a family-oriented theatre group in Edmond.

Founded in 2010, Upstage offers community theatre productions and many learning opportunities for young actors. The Rottmayers saw a need for their business when Summer Stock discontinued its productions at Mitch Park. They quickly stepped in to fill the gap. “We’ve always loved outdoor theater,” says Rottmayer. “The timing was perfect.”

Upstage produces two outdoor musicals in Edmond every summer and an adult-oriented indoor community theatre production during the winter. In between, they hold production classes and summer camps for young actors from preschool through high school.

It’s a full load, but the Rottmayers can’t imagine doing anything else. They met while studying theater at UCO, and both of them wanted to continue nourishing their love of theater after college. Upstage has given them the perfect chance to do that.

Brett is the executive director of company and helps with technical direction while also working full time. Jenny runs the day-to-day operations and teaches several classes. The company’s third team member