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More and more families are beginning to call Edmond home. On any given Sunday, it’s easy to stumble upon on an open house sign directing you towards the latest house or neighborhood in the city. However, with all the “new,” it’s important not to miss out on the value hiding in your own home. There are a plethora of small upgrades that will help your home resemble a new build. Many designers recommend starting in common areas. Look no further than the heart of your home—the kitchen.

Kitchen designed by Edmond Kitchen & BathBrenda Helms of Edmond Kitchen and Bath enjoys helping homeowners rediscover love for their homes, and has been doing it for more than 15 years. She is a licensed interior decorator with an extensive knowledge of the design industry working in her favor. “We offer professional, licensed services,” Brenda said. “We have lots of options—we don’t have just have one style that we do.”

Color as an Accent

Color is a direct indicator of personal style. Brenda mentions using your favorite color to plaster your entire kitchen is a novice mistake that many homeowners make. “Never put your favorite color on a permanent backdrop,” she said. Wondering what color to paint instead? Greens and neutrals are currently trending in kitchens, so think twice before brushing warming tones over your entire kitchen. “Those favorite colors can be accents or even an island,” Brenda said.

Haggard’s Furniture is also helping their customers find innovative ways to mix personal style with the latest in designer trends.  “Current trends focus on designs inspired by nature,” according to Earle Haggard of Haggard’s Fine Furniture. Think natural colors and bold woodgrain designs. “Designers agree that textures and lines combined with favorite colors help to create a desirable personal space, especially in shared spaces like dining areas.”

All in the Countertops

Installing the wrong countertops in your kitchen is similar to putting the wrong shoes on an otherwise perfect outfit. An attractive kitchen starts at the foundation. “Update your countertops,” Brenda said. “That’s something that people are always looking for. Right now we’re in a vein of quartz countertops. That’s a marketable item in the kitchen as opposed to granite.”

Quartz is a mixture of mineral, color, and resin. It offers low maintenance during installation and over time. It is also heat and bacteria resistant. Quartz is available in a wide variety of styles and colors and will give your kitchen the brilliance of Italian marble without the blemishes and spots that naturally occur over time.

Functionality is Key

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home. Buyers are not only looking for beautifully designed kitchens, but also design qualities that lend themselves to busy families. “People are looking for function out of their cabinets,” Brenda said. “People want adjustable shelves at a minimum. Kitchens are going towards more drawers with a just a few doors. We do a lot of bucket pullouts.”

Look for something that is well beyond the builder basic. Brenda mentioned that a number of homes that she updates started off with the builder-basic kitchen. “You want a better box that has a back, adjustable shelving, soft-closed and hidden hinges on the doors, and drawers as a basic. That is the new entry-level cabinet.” Once you have these as a foundation for your cabinets, Brenda suggests customizing the cabinet to your personal style.

The Right Contractor

According to Brenda, asking to see actual work a contractor has completed is imperative. “I would say seeing their work is one of the main components,” she said. “Do some form of a background check!” Also ask for a reference list—including both peers and consumers—to see how other community members are rating their work. Brenda noted the main difference between a contractor and her team at Edmond Kitchen and Bath: “We provide a full design-build service where the homeowner can go to work and not worry about anything. All of the design work is done at the beginning, all materials are ordered. There are no back-orders to deal with.”

Suzanne Burget of Don’s Floor Gallery encourages her customers to start with smaller projects that don’t lead to unachievable budgets. “Many families don’t have the funds for a complete remodel to an aged, outdated home,” she said. “However, gradual updates over time are more manageable and budget friendly. The kitchen is the hub and heart of the home and if it needs a little update, new tile can really make the difference.” Suzanne said that wood-like tile continues to be a best seller at Don’s. “Lighter and brighter continues to be the theme with shades of gray, taupe, and white tones.”

These local businesses take the pressure out of the design process. They have all established quality reputations in the community and can truly make your home stand out. Edmond Kitchen and Bath will be showcasing their work at the upcoming Home & Garden show this month.

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