Tips to ensure stress-free vacations this Spring Break

best way to guarantee a fun trip is to ensure that you’ll have access
to your finances,” said Suzie Symcox, First Fidelity Bank’s chief
administrative officer.
“If Oklahomans follow these tips, the worst that can happen is your
aunt and uncle not liking the souvenir you bought them.”

Symcox recommended the following tips:

  • Contact your bank.
    Let your bank know you’ll be accessing funds from an unfamiliar place.
    If you don’t, the bank may think your credit or debit card has been
    stolen, and
    funds could be frozen
  • Budget. Without a budget, vacationers may overspend and overcharge, resulting in interest payments for months after the trip ends
  • Budget properly. Budgets should include incidentals, bus or subway passes, cab fares, tolls, baggage costs and airline and hotel fees
  • Back it up. Bring an additional credit card in case of problems with the primary one, such as an ATM machine eating the card
  • Calculate it.
    Double check your bank’s ATM fees and check currency calculators if
    traveling abroad so you can estimate expenses. ATM fees for First
    Fidelity Bank customers
    are reimbursed 100 percent, even on foreign bank ATM machines.
  • Avoid expenses. Always avoid nonbank or private ATM machines, as they typically charge higher fees.
  • Don’t forget cash.
    Although American debit and credit cards are widely accepted, bring
    small cash amounts or traveler’s checks for emergency situations.

Safe and happy travels everyone!


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