Three X Three X Three

Three Edmond moms are living the life that most women would envy, because not only are they best friends, their husbands are friends, and all their children are friends. They all like each other so much that the three families gather weekly and even go on vacation together. Sound too idyllic? Well, there is something odd afoot; something unexplainable… 

Two years ago, all three women, Brittany Decker, Ali Weaver and Kylie Boaz became pregnant at the same time. Brittany and Ali found out the same week, and Kylie was a few weeks behind them. This was not planned, nor could it be planned. Kylie’s pregnancy actually came to her as an unexpected shock. So, these best friends shared nearly the exact same timeline as they journeyed through their first pregnancies together. All three had baby girls, born at the same hospital, within a few weeks of each other.

“We all got to be there for each other,” Kylie said. “We all visited each other at the hospital, made each other meals and bought each other coffee. We pulled each other through.”

This spring, it happened again. All three became pregnant at the same time and delivered within two weeks of each other. Ali, who was last to find out if she was having a boy or girl, held a gender reveal party. It was pink on all three counts.

“We joke that we can’t ever be pregnant alone, but really, we couldn’t have timed it like this if we’d tried,” Britany said, laughing. “What if one of us had had a boy and messed up the cycle?”

The uncanny connection these three families have even goes back to high school, when Kylie, Brittany and Brittany’s husband all went to high school in Edmond. The other three went to high school together in Tulsa. After a few years of separation, the three couples reunited through a small group at Life Church. They like to say that they, “Celebrate LIFE together.” They really do gather together every week, all twelve of them, in their own kind of Brady Bunch style. 

“My daughter listens to all the dads as if they were her own, whether he is reading a book to her or getting her in trouble for acting out. We all swoop in to help each other,” Ali said. 

“The dads are very helpful,” Kylie said. “They take care of the kids on Monday nights so we can do our weekly tradition of watching The Bachelorette, and this past Saturday, they all went golfing.” 

As the couples contemplate having further children or not, they are all curious if a pregnancy “three-peat” might be in their future. Ultimately, they believe the timing is in God’s hands. If they weren’t all so happy, their shared lives would make for a great reality television show!

“Life is definitely chaos, as is any family with babies and toddlers, but we are getting through it together instead of by ourselves,” Ali said. “We do not take for granted how lucky we are to have each other.” 


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