Three Cheers for Edmond Football

Edmond High School Mascots Take Center Stage
Edmond Memorial
Edmond Memorial High School is known for their Bulldog spirit. This year, Kim Raines and Heather Taylor are leading the charge.
Raines is a sophomore and has been the mascot since the beginning of this school year.
Taylor is a junior who was also selected as one of the mascots at the beginning of the school year.

What did you have to do to become the mascot?
Kim: “We just had to write an essay about the school and team spirit and why we wanted to be the mascot.”
Heather: “They also look at your grades.”

What strategies do you use to motivate the crowds?
Both: “Dancing.”

Do you get hot in the costumes?
Both: “Yeah.”

How do you cool yourselves down?
Both: “We don’t.”
Heather: “The costumes are really clingy because they’re made of nylon on the inside.”

Is the costume heavy?
Heather: “Just the head.”
Kim: “Yeah, the body isn’t all that bad.”

Are you ever asked to sign autographs?
Both: “Yeah.”
Heather: “We draw paw prints, but you can’t really see what you’re writing.”

Have you ever gotten in a tiff with another mascot?
Heather: “Not yet, but it’s on with the Huskies because they got a nice new costume with water packs on the back.”

How can the audience tell the two of you apart?
Heather: “By the way we carry ourselves. I get a little carried away sometimes with the way I walk. I have the strut down and everything.”
Kim: “Plus I wear the girl outfit, a cheer outfit and Heather wears the boy outfit, a sports jersey.

Do you have a signature move?
Kim: “We do this modeling thing. We stand on different sides of the room then pose and then walk towards each other.”

What is your favorite song to dance to during the games/pep rallies?
Both: “The drum line…anything they play.”

Edmond North
Edmond North High School fights their battles with the fury of a Husky. Representing the Huskies as their mascot is Derek Kuehni, a senior, who was elected to fill the position at the beginning of the 2005-06 school year.

How did you become the mascot? Did you have to try out?
“No, I volunteered. I just thought it would be fun.”
Do you have any tumbling experience?
“No, I just jump around and get the crowd excited.”

What strategies do you use to motivate the crowds?
“I jump around with the cheerleaders and try to do their cheers. I just go crazy!”

Have you ever been asked to perform at a child’s birthday party?
“Yes, one birthday party.”

Do you ever let your personality show through when you’re performing?
“I’m a totally different person when I’m in the costume. I’m normally not a people person, but when I get in there I get a different personality.”

Is the costume itchy?
“No, but my face gets itchy because I sweat.”

How do you cool off?
“I have an ice jacket built into my costume. We’re also going to get a camel back so I can drink water.”

Do many people know you’re the mascot?
“A couple people do, but it’s not a secret.”

What’s your favorite song to dance to during games/pep rallies?
“Our school song played by our band.”

Do you have a signature move?
“No, not yet, but I’ve only performed at a few games so far.”

Edmond Santa Fe
Leading the pack for Edmond Santa Fe High School is Kennon White, a junior, who took on the responsibility as the school’s mascot last year.

Do you have any tumbling experience?
“Yeah, I’m in cheer.”

Do you do any tumbling during your mascot performances?
“No, it’s hard in that suit. [The costume] is pretty heavy. But if I tried I’d probably be able to.”

What strategies do you use to motivate the crowds?
“I jump up and down and act crazy. I try to make them want to be there.”

Are you ever asked to sign autographs?
“Actually, yeah. I’ll sign with a paw print or I’ll write the word “wolf” although it’s scratchy and weird looking”

Do you ever let your personality show through when you’re performing?
“Not at all because when you’re a mascot you can’t talk, at least you’re not supposed to. That’s what the Chuck E. Cheese dude told me when I asked him at my little sister’s birthday party. And I talk a lot.”

Do the sports teams treat you as a part of their teams?
“Yeah, they give me a pat on the back and stuff.”

Does it get hot in your mascot costume?
“Yeah, but during the winter time it actually feels good.”

Do you hold any real hard feelings towards the other schools’ mascots?
“No. I’ll make fun of them a little bit, but nothing too bad. It’s all in fun.”

How much does your costume weigh?
“Maybe 30 pounds, the head is the heaviest.”

Do kids ever ask you to take pictures with them?
“They have a few times.”

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