The True Meaning of Christmas

In the midst of the holiday rush, it is easy to get disconnected with the true meaning of Christmas.

For some of us, Christmas is about family gatherings and sharing fellowship. For others it’s about becoming reacquainted with the birth of Jesus. And for others it’s about presents under the tree. However, for a quick dose of unaltered truth, ask a group of four-year-olds and be prepared for some interesting answers.

“Snow and a bunch of those little lights that go around the tree, but I forget what they’re called. Lights I think,” hollered out Michaela when asked what Christmas means to her.

“Going on a plane with my nanny and cousins and sitting by the window,” replied Jordan.

Asking this question can sometimes get a question asked in return

“Does it mean that we get to dress up and trick-or-treat?” asked Chelsea with a look of serious  contemplation.

Growing up in my household, Christmas dinner was always a crowd pleaser. We all had our own favorites. For some it was the cranberry sauce and for others it was the pumpkin pie. For four-year-old, Brenden “chicken on a bone,” is his favorite part of Christmas dinner.

“Chocolate cake, pudding and ice cream are my favorites,” said Janelle, who may have been confusing Christmas with a birthday. However, later she did say that she also likes to eat snow for Christmas.

Shyann enjoys the simpler foods of Christmas. “Just candy canes,” are hands down her favorite.

Not interested in turkey, stuffing or green bean casserole, Trinity finds a little less traditional food to be her favorite. “Spiderman macaroni is my all time favorite.”

Anybody familiar with the North Pole, where Santa lives?

“Santa doesn't live in the North Pole. He lives in Oklahoma City with a whole bunch of little kids and they make lots of presents,” Gabby said, as a matter of fact.

With those things established, little eyes grew big and excited smiles filled the room when we began to discuss what items would be asked for in the letters they plan to write to Santa.

“A big horse and a sparkling flamingo,” is on the wish list for Jordan.

A very thoughtful letter will be written by Braden. “All I want is a Superman, one candy bar and a present for my sister. But I won't tell her what it is.”

However, it would be neat to see the look on Santa's face when he reads Michaela's letter. “I want a toy snake and Spaghetti O's,” she says with a look of seriousness.

No matter how you and yours spend this Christmas season, it’s not a bad idea to get a perspective from a typical four-year-old on how to spend a simple, quiet holiday season. Unless, of course, your little one will be getting a horse and a sparkling flamingo.  

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