The Salty Seniors

The Salty Senior Band started as a joke three years ago. A group of senior adults from Waterloo Baptist Church went out to dinner and one talented person entertained them by putting put a spoon on her nose. LaVonne McConnico carried the joke forward by striking two spoons together in a rhythm. Others joined in.

Someone spoke up, "We're really good. We ought to start a band." The name came easily because the pastor preached that morning on the salt of the earth.

LaVonne, of course, never thought it would happen, but in the next few days several people called her up and asked, "When are we going to practice?"

"I pulled some tambourines from the closet and a few of us got together," said LaVonne, a member of the church for seven years. "The instruments were from my sons' Cub Scouts thirty years ago when they imitated a hillbilly band on Hee Haw."

"At first, it sounded like a lot of noise," said LaVonne. "We practiced for several weeks until our first performance. By then there were nine or ten of us."

Each person in the senior band plays a different musical instrument, such as a one string harp or washboards or rubboards, depending upon where you grew up, a slide whistle, and a frog. A stumph fiddle made with a plunger, strings and pompoms is played by Bobbie. It has her name on it; her maiden name is Stump.

"We're a crazy bunch. We all wear red hats, purple shirts and gold shoes. We have so much fun, it's hard not to laugh. We're an unusual assortment of personalities and characters from all walks of life. All performers are from Edmond and from thirteen years old to