The Return of Wallpaper


Blank walls are a thing of the past. Wallpaper is an easy and effective way to transform a room, but with so many designs and trends, choosing what is best for your space can be challenging. Outlook Magazine visited with local Interior Designer, Paige Sheller, owner of A-line Designs, who shared her expertise on this growing trend.

How does the architecture in a room determine wallpaper selection?

Architecture can definitely help determine the wallpaper selection. A contemporary home typically has more straight-line structures and windows so something softer and more natural to add texture would be a good approach. An older home might have more texture throughout and can play more into the prints.

What are the most popular patterns for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms?

There is a large variety of patterns that are great for any room. A good grass cloth
is timeless and adds great texture to a room. However, we are seeing a lot more approaches to bold wallpapers and patterns. I don’t think there is a certain pattern 
that’s fit best for a room rather than a pattern that fits best for a personality.

How do you pick which wall to put wallpaper on?

We do use accent walls for wallpaper however we love doing a full room detail or even pops of fun accents by placing it on the ceiling as an unexpected feature. Deciding which wall to use as an accent is determining which wall would be best as a feature that helps a room rather than steals the focus or makes it look dated.

If you are unsure about wallpaper what is a good first step?

If you are having any hesitations on wallpapering a large room a good first step is starting with a small powder bath or laundry room. This can help you familiarize having paper on the walls but adds a fun flair to your standard rooms. You can also make a small investment and buy a single roll to pin on the wall. This will give you a better visual of the paper up in the space with the lighting. There are also wallpapers that are less permanent and are removable!

Is wallpaper installation something the average person can do or is it recommended to use a professional?

We use professionals for installation however DIY is an option. We always suggest being familiar or having someone that is familiar with wallpaper help you with installing. The higher-end wallcoverings do not come with an adhesive backing so we would suggest using a professional. These days you can purchase ready paste papers which are easy to handle for a Do-It-Yourselfer. As said though we recommend to always install with someone who is familiar with the process. 

Paige ShellerPaige Sheller is owner of A-line Designs, an interior design firm that specializes in residential and commercial remodels and new constructions.

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