The Littlest Endeavor

Kynnli and Staci EllisKynnli Ellis was born with fibular hemimelia, which means two bones were missing in her lower leg and she didn’t have a fully formed foot. Along with that entrance into the world, however, Kynnli was also born with a warrior’s spirit, and a generous mix of a little melodrama queen. 


At four-years-old, she is curious and questioning, frilly and flamboyant. She loves her younger siblings, her cousins, and the movie Frozen. She also loves to move because, even as an amputee from age eight months, nothing – not even a missing leg – is going to slow Kynnli down.


A Little Attitude


“My husband and I knew that whatever our attitude was toward her leg, she would have that same attitude,” says Staci Ellis, Kynnli’s mom. “So, for her first Halloween, I dressed her up as a pirate because she already has one peg leg. Now, she has that same attitude. She’ll turn her prosthetic leg backward and