The Gaskill Family

Bob and Brenda Gaskill live life to the fullest, traveling and performing with their children-eight children, to be exact.

Years ago, the couple felt the call to utilize their family in spreading their passion of the gospel and God's love throughout the nation with their bluegrass melodies. Every member of the family, which includes five boys and three girls participates one way or another in the band, whether it's singing or playing an instrument.

Starting from oldest to youngest, the Gaskill family band-members, not including parents Bob and Brenda, are: Christie, 25; John, 22; Shelley, 19; James, 15; Peter, 13; Timothy, 11; Joshua, 8; and Andrea, 6. The instruments played are guitar, banjo, bass, harmonica, flute and the dobro, an instrument that looks like a steel guitar.

Scheduling year-round travel dates at churches, events and festivals, as well as being a supporting and loving wife is all in a day's work for Brenda. However, she also enjoys home schooling.

"I love it and wouldn't do it any other way," said Brenda. "We start every day around 8:30 a.m. and run, on most days, until four o'clock." Naturally, Bible study is included in the children's morning curriculum.

Though they don't precisely admit it, the Gaskills have bonded themselves to a life mission of bringing out a person's lost energy during worship.

"We had a very formal church invite us to play for them, which was odd," said Bob. "But after we were done playing the usher said to me, ‘At first the crowd was smiling, then they were tapping their toes, and then they were clapping. It's the most action we've had around here in a long time!'"

The Gaskills have perform