The COVID Crisis!

Before this story went to print, Jay had to have an emergency abdominal surgery and is in ICU on a ventilator. Prayers for Jay’s recovery!

COVID-19! Not something I wanted to experience. I was so careful! I did curbside pickup for groceries and wore a mask if I went into a store. My son, Jay and I hadn’t been inside a church, restaurant or whatever since the pandemic began, but… we both got Covid. In July, we spent three nights at a hotel while our AC was being replaced in 100 degree heat and I’m assuming that’s where we picked up the nasty virus.

Thankfully, my son, Aaron came from Arkansas and spent a week with us, helping me and taking care of his little brother, even throwing a quilt on the floor and sleeping in the room with Jay to monitor his cough and oxygen, while allowing me to rest and heal a bit. I don’t know how I would have handled our trip to the ER with Jay had Aaron not been here. Jay’s congenital heart disease and compromised immune system put him at great risk. Thankfully, an IV at the ER, along with some breathing treatments and supplemental oxygen helped Jay recoup at home.

We also had some amazing friends dropping off groceries, bottled water and even some meals at our front door. And so many prayers! Friends, family, friends of friends, as well as notes and prayers from my kind readers. I can’t thank everyone enough for your prayers, and God is faithfully restoring our health. Though Jay normally sleeps with supplemental oxygen, he seldom required it during the daytime… until Covid. Thankfully, that need is decreasing and Jay is almost back to his old routine.

In the midst of Covid, we “celebrated” a few special birthdays. My precious baby boy, Travis, went to heaven when he was almost three months old. I tested positive on his birthday! And even while feeling a little cruddy, Jay managed to launch a balloon for his daddy’s heavenly birthday. But on my August birthday we both felt well enough to take a picture and post a “Thank You” on Facebook for all the prayers and sweet birthday wishes. We are blessed!

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