The Beginnings of Southern Okie Gourmet Spread

Gourmet Apple Spread

People inherit many different traits from their parents and grandparents. It might be something like your mom’s cleft chin or your grandpa’s small ears. But Gina Hollingsworth inherited both her parents’ and grandparents’ keen business sense.

Hollingsworth was born and raised in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and she attributes her cooking skills to her grandmother, Virginia Young, and her mother, Nelda Gamble. Virginia started her own successful business—the Plaza Restaurant—in the 1950s. Nelda used to say, “Every Sunday, it was packed—a line all the way around the building.” With her grandfather, father and brother also being successful entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder Gina got the itch to start her own business.

After attending college in Nashville, she began her working career there and worked in the music business under the tutelage of country artist Gary Morris. Working in the music industry for fifteen years, she ended up working for Troy Tomlinson, President & CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Troy had fruit delivered to his office each week as a welco