Team Stacey

slaton familyGreg and Stacey Slaton are active members in the Edmond community. A family of four, this faith-driven unit has vowed not to let adversity pull them under. Even when just a few short weeks ago, Stacey was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer.

It was May 14 when the family received the bad news. Stacey, a self-employed daycare owner, will have to undergo a round of chemotherapy treatments in an effort to combat the disease. This family of 12 years, however, is determined to carry through.

Stacey met Greg 15 years ago after the two were introduced by her ex-boyfriend. They spent the first two years as close friends, a relationship from which love blossomed. Now, they have two beautiful daughters, Alison, age 11, and Ashtyn, 2.

Slaton says she’s been working her home-based daycare business since daughter Ashtyn came along. Throughout the school year, she offers childcare to teachers who are unable to look after their children during school hours. During the summer, she provides field trips and community service projects for school-aged children.

But her commitment to education doesn’t stop there. Years ago, while firstborn Alison attended Angie Debo Elementary School, Slaton was PTO president for two years and even worked the