Sweet Victory

melissa beforemelissa after

Melissa Kingry’s transformation from being overweight to a toned size 2 was a yearlong journey that taught her patience, endurance and healthy eating habits. But more importantly, it proved that you could go a long way if you are willing to work hard on achieving your goal. “Just making the decision that you are going to do this, it’s not easy,” she said. “It is a life-changing thing.”

Kingry is an Edmond mother of two young girls who works as an engineering technician. During her first pregnancy she gained excessive weight that she wasn’t able to lose. While pregnant a second time she gained even more. At her heaviest, Kingry weighed 200 pounds. 

“One day I just woke up, I knew that my husband and I were done having children, and I just thought, OK, now it’s just time to get in shape so that I can keep up with my kids and I can enjoy everything that my kids like to do,” she said. “Also, I really wanted to show a good example to my children as they grow up.”

Several small changes started bringing big results. Kingry started cooking more at home. She prepared healthier meals with grilled chicken and salmon, and incorporated a lot of fresh fru