Success In The Saddle

Standing only five feet tall, Edmond resident Alison Muzyka exudes confidence head to toe – both on and off the horses she trains. “There’s something about horses that’s good for both the heart and soul,” she says. “They have the ability to bring confidence and strength that you never knew you had.”

A recent OSU graduate, Alison’s love of horses grew after her parents gave her riding lessons on her fourth birthday. Only a year later, she had already earned two placings in her first show.

After a move to Houston at eight, Alison began training horses, not just riding them. At 16, she moved to Edmond to train at Stonegridge Acres where she fell in love with the Pony of the Americas breed, created specifically for young riders.

Alison enjoys watching horses become champions, but it’s seeing first-hand how these large, gentle creatures inspire and change lives that she counts among her greatest joys.

Over the years, Alison’s seen countless youths transformed by their riding experiences. She’s watched timid kids become confident and brave. “Horses don’t hold grudges,” she says. “They have no bias, and they won’t do anything for someone undeserving.”

Alison’s riders and their parents offer many accolades about their award-winning trainer. Edmond resident Lynne Buskirk has watched her daughter, Kendall, grow in confidence and maturity under Alison’s guidance and instruction.

“Alison’s been wonderfully open with Kendall, empowering her with the training tools to correct her horse and providing an opportunity for success each time Kendall appears in a show arena,” says Lynne. “Kendall doesn’t have to rely on her trainer to ‘fix’ the horse when a problem develops. She now has the skills to do much of that correction on her own under Alison’s direction.”

Alison’s crowning achievement occurred at the 2008 POA International Show, where she led Kendall and horse “Suddenly Sara” to win the Leonard Lewis Futurity, among many other placings. She also led Rose Lindsey and Rebecca Contreras to numerous wins with “CC Plaudits TwoBaby”.

Alison also did well at the show, becoming the Junior Pony Futurity High Point champion, Trail champion and Reserve
International champion.

“The equestrian sport is like any other, with the exception that you’re working as a team with an animal that has a mind of its own,” she notes. “Endless preparation, practice and skill sometimes mean nothing at competition time – especially if your partner is having an off day or is simply not on the same page.”

Participating in dozens of shows each season, Alison, her riders and their families log thousands of miles together traveling around the country. “There’s nothing like it. We travel, eat and work together,” says Allison, “I’ve been blessed. They’ve become like family to me.”

Alison singles out the support of her own family as the key to her achievements. “My parents, Orest and Pat Muzyka, and my brother Nic, have supported me in every venture,” she says. “None of this would have been possible without them.”

This summer Alison moved her business, Limited Edition Performance Horses, to 4001 Apache in Piedmont. For more information, call 405-517-8650 or email

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