STYLE: Color Me Fabulous

colorFor years, I had been wearing the wrong colors, completely unaware that they were not flattering on me nor did they complement my complexion, hair or eye color. I was just a kid in the ’80s when color analysis became popular. I vividly remember women at my local department store armed with color swatch booklets searching for outfits within their color palettes. At the time, my young mind thought it was a ridiculous idea and a strangely over-the-top activity. But times have changed. After wasting hundreds of dollars on the wrong colors, I now know the value of purchasing items from my color group. With a downloaded color palette on my smartphone, I shop with confidence knowing that the right selections will make me look and feel great.

Whatever your budget, the fashion choices are endless. While increased choices can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing new items each season. The key is to know what color group you belong to and in doing so, you will be able to confidently and effortlessly navigate through the change of seasons and the shopping process.

Color groups are broken down into six categories: light or dark (hair and eyes), warm or cool (skin undertones) and clear or soft (determined by a fuchsia/salmon color test). There truly is a science to this, but if you take it one step at a time, you’ll train your eye to detect which colors are meant for you regardless of the season or what designers say are in style. Take it from a stylist: What is ALWAYS in style is what looks best on you!

Anyone, regardless of hair color and complexion, can find something suitable within the colored fabrics and accessories widely available in stores, with a little expert guidance.

You will radiate in neutrals such as stone, taupe and cocoa. Granny Smith apple green, cornflower blue, apricot and geranium red are your power colors. Black should be avoided almost entirely since your coloring is so delicate. If wearing black, wear it away from your face and never with a white top. Opt for peach, celery green or creamy tapioca white instead. All gradients of gray, navy and stone are your black substitutes.

Those who highlight their hair and have darker eyebrows and those with strawberry blonde hair will light up the room while wearing creamy buttermilk white, golden butternut, Wagoner County peach, a green resembling fading pasture grass and the red from an Oklahoma’s Black Diamond watermelon along with the neutrals of chestnut, pewter and navy. If wearing black, be sure it’s never a black/white pattern around your face. If you prefer wearing black and white, choose one or the other, but never in the same pattern. Keep in mind that neither color is particularly flattering on you. Creams or rice white, deep espressos, khakis and tans are your substitutes. When black is a must, choose open necklines with a peek-a-boo color of pink, lavender or salmon underneath or layer the outside of a black top with a scarf or jacket.

You can flaunt the season in every harvest color imaginable! Try golden mustards, rich caramels, mahogany and cowboy coffee browns with tomato red, rust and the orange found in yams. Apply the same rules regarding black as with highlighted hair.

The best fall colors for you are plum and raspberry along with pumpkin orange and asparagus paired with chocolate brown and black bean. Black on top or bottom can be worn by you at all times. Pair it with other colors to show your personality or to send nonverbal messages which can imply being approachable (blue), friendly (green) and feminine (pink). Black is wonderful on you!

Dark mysterious brunettes with dark eyes stop traffic in Santa Rosa plum, pomegranate, fern, forest and pine green, scarlet or bittersweet red, paired with espresso brown and black angus. Black will make up a large portion of your wardrobe. You will always look stunning in black with or without other colors. Wear it from head to toe if you like!

You look best in colors that call to mind the season of spring, but you can also wear taupe and all gradients of gray such as pewter and gun metals extremely well. You are equally gorgeous in all shades of blue as well as baby, rose and hot pinks. When you want to be bold, try reds like cranberry and raspberry, or black which looks fabulous on you at all times.

If you’re unsure of the category you fall into, I can help! ‘Like’ my page on Facebook (Kay Byrd, Personal Development Coach) and then message me the key word: ColorEdmond for your free color analysis. Be sure you have a visible profile picture which shows your hair, skin and eyes and please allow two to four weeks for results.

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