STYLE: Blinging in the New Year


The quickest and easiest way to
add a punch of pizzazz to your 2013 wardrobe is through fun and flirty
accessories to bling in the New Year! What brings new life to an I’ve-worn-this-a-bazillion-times
winter sweater’? A wrist full of colorful bangles grouped together on one or
both wrists! I generally wear a solo watch on my left wrist saving my right arm
for a whole lot of exciting, eye-catching arm candy. Designers often style up
to five sensational bracelets on each arm (known as an arm party) in order to
showcase the full run of their colors and design styles. The key is to pile on
various styles and textures. Wear one fabulous statement bracelet or go all-out
with as many as you want to wear to arm your party! In any case, pile on the
bracelets to put the ‘wow’ back into your cooler-weather wear throughout


Today, cell phones certainly
tell time, but nothing says “I got style” like a dazzling one-of-a-kind
timepiece. Whether or not you’re rocking a solid gold, diamond-encrusted Swiss
luxury performance piece, watches are still the quintessential status symbols.
They only come second, maybe, to the car you drive. The hot watch for 2013 is
round and blinged out— fashionable and memorable. Try to find the best
timepiece money can buy.

My stylist suggestion is to buy
and wear a watch that projects your highest level of achievement or at least
your fabulous and unique personality. Timepieces are conversation pieces, and in
2013 we will have plenty to dish on!


Scarves transform a plain and
simple sleeper look into a real sleeping beauty! Why wear one scarf when two is
better? Two scarves, from two different color groups, wake up this tired, dozed-off
white top. White, traditionally associated with warmer weather, works this time
of year when the sleeves are long and the fabric will keep you warm. Adding a
pop of blue and green, both reflective of the earth and sky, remind us of the
changes yet to come. Color-blocking continues throughout early winter and


The rule of successful
color-blocking is to stay within the same color value. The colors here, on our
model, are from the muted color group. Brights with brights. Pastels with
pastels. Muted with muted.

Pre-designed color-blocking on a
really great accessory, like this structured handbag, makes pulling off this
trend a snap. What I especially love about this look, and why I’m excited to
see it pulled forward into 2013, is the clean lines and great complementary mix
of colors. However, some people struggle with how to pair colors. My stylist
suggestion, if this is you, wear your two favorite colors (grey and black in
our example) then pull in a handbag with colors already harmonized. Easy

Sequins & SparklesSequins & Sparkles

My final “Bling into 2013”
must-have item will make for happy bling-bling feet, without the snow, rain and
sleet! Sequins and sparkles ruled the holiday season, and they will continue to
be the queen of the court in footwear. Cinderella’s fate depended upon her
glass slippers, and yours will too. Rhinestones, studs, sequins, and
stones—whether it’s the entire shoe, the tip, the heel or the laces—can make a
dazzling design element. Shoes that sparkle and shine play an integral role in
your 2013 footwear, much the same way as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.

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