Stamps Survives All Odds

“We’re going to do every-thing we can, but it doesn’t look promising,” said Stamps’ doctor. “You have ninety days to live, if you don’t start treatment immediately. It’s incurable.”

These are the last words that anyone wants to hear from their doctors, yet this is exactly the shocking news that doctors gave to Rodney Stamps, 38.

September 19 2005, was a dark day for the Stamps family when Stamps was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Suffering this cancer of the immune system, Stamps had over 50 tumors in his body and had progressed to stage 3b cancer where rapid weight loss, drenching night sweats, and fever set in. When this type of cancer gets aggressive it doesn’t normally go away. Pair that with the fact that there is no cure for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and the news is
even more devastating.

Not only was Stamps now battling cancer, but he had started his own company, STAMPSCO, which specializes in professional fire and life safety, security, IT and audio/video integration. In its two years of operation, business had finally started to boom.

“Just shortly after I was diagnosed it seemed like the business really started picking up almost instantly,” says Stamps. “It kind of presented itself as a greater challenge than my cancer at the time. We were really, really nervous about how we were going to handle the business due to the situation, but we just continued to grow the business and continued to hire employees and put people in place to manage without me being there for awhile.”

Stamps never stopped working and met with clients, promising that no matter what happen