SPOTLIGHT ON: Kangen Water

Kangen WaterWhat is Kangen Water?

Water created from an innovative device that filters tap water, eliminates chlorine and other harmful chemicals and produces ionized water in different pH levels for drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning. The water is rich in hydroxide ions and hydrogen gas (an antioxidant).

How did you learn about Kangen Water?

I was introduced to it by my aunt and uncle who had used the water for five or six years and gave me some to try at home. My daughter, who has had allergies since she was a baby, said after just a few hours, “Mom, I have no more allergy symptoms and this water is awesome!” I decided immediately to buy the Kangen Water machine because as a mom and pharmacist, I would do anything to improve my daughter’s condition. I researched it and learned that Japanese scientists discovered Kangen Water 40 years ago and the machine is used as a medical device in Japanese hospitals.

How does the machine work?

The machine hooks directly to your water faucet and can create five types of water at different pH levels. Strong Kangen pH 11.5 can wash chemicals and pesticides off fruits and vegetables or clean stains. Strong acidic water pH 2.5 can kill bacteria and viruses, thus sanitizing your skin, produce and cookware. Clean water pH 7.0 can be used to make baby formula or to drink with medications. Beauty water pH 6.0 can be used to tone your skin or to water plants. Kangen water pH 8.5-9.5 is an alkaline antioxidant healthy drinking water.

Are there other benefits?

Cooking with Kangen Water brings out the flavor so less seasoning or salt is needed. It brings out the color, taste and aroma of coffee and tea. The Kangen machine will keep chemicals out of the kitchen and save money in the long run.

How do you purchase a machine?

The Enagic company offers their products by direct sale, through representatives like myself, to ensure customers understand how to use them correctly. Different machine models range from about $1500 to $5000, with easy monthly payment plans available. The benefit of good health, clean food and clean drinking water for the whole family is priceless. All water is not the same. Change your water, change your life!

Contact Trang Nguyen, Pharm.D, Enagic Distributor. Call or text: (405) 593-9500, email

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