SPORTS: Semi-Pro

Brian KellyVeteran college football coach Brian Kelly has set his sights on the Oklahoma City Diamondbacks, a semi-professional football team with a promising future and several Edmond players on the roster.

The season kicked off March 3, with early wins perhaps setting a template for a successful 2012 for the team. “We kind of have an idea we’re going to be pretty solid this year,” Kelly predicts. The season ends May 30. “No conflict with NFL or college football for fans, but it gives them a chance to see some ball between now and then,” he says. “We’re a high-scoring offense; it’s a lot of fun for the fans.”

This is his second season with the Diamondbacks and first as head coach. Last year, he served as defensive coordinator and this year has taken on both duties.

Kelly was defensive coordinator for arena football teams Kansas City Brigade and Las Vegas Gladiators (now the Cleveland Gladiators), for years. Before that, over the course of nearly two decades, he was on the coaching staff at Eastern Illinois University, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Mars Hill College, University of Memphis, University of Maryland, Sam Houston State University and Southeast Missouri State University. He was at Eastern Illinois during Tony Romo’s tenure. “Good guy. All the guys on the team loved him.…He