Sports: Fit For a Kid

Kids now have a Fitness Center to call their own. Edmond resident Brandon Myrick started a kids program through his indoor Phyz Edmond fitness facility for kids who want a workout program to gain an edge for their sport or to simply stay fit.

“Edmond is a family oriented city,” Myrick says. “I’ve lived in the OKC/Edmond area my entire life. Many kids in this area need a structured fitness program whether they play sports or not. The parents in this area value activity for their kids, but sports alone aren’t enough. That’s where Phyz Edmond comes in.”

Myrick was introduced to sports at a young age and played baseball, basketball and tennis growing up. He became fascinated with fitness and weight training going into his freshman year in college. “I was only in decent shape when I played sports, but it wasn’t enough. I started weightlifting and enjoyed getting stronger and healthier. I’ve always been very personable so I checked into how I could combine these aspects to make a career. I got my foot in a local gym and never looked back,” Myrick recalls. “When it came to this business, I asked myself ‘what is a need that isn’t being met?’ Once I realized there was this specific need for the kids, I researched to see if anyone else was doing it. I found a few good places on the East and West coasts but not here. Then I started trying to put my model together.”

Myrick says Phyz Edmond is not just about making the kids of the community more physically fit. He said kids want and need a place where they can be encouraged, be respected, work hard and have fun. “I simply want to pour into the lives of the kids in this community. I want them to leave every day with a big smile on their face and feel better about themselves than when they walked in. My own personal gain doesn’t fit into the equation. It’s all about the kids.”

Myrick emphasized that his goal is not to make sure kids are at a certain body fat or weight. He acknowledged that obesity is a real issue and wants Phyz Edmond to have an impact on this epidemic, but he doesn’t want kids to feel singled out if they are overweight and coming through the program. “The main thing we’re trying to accomplish is building healthy and balanced lifestyles. The idea is that the children will see exercise as tough, but also fun and enjoyable. This will lead to a positive experience which will lead them to stick with it through adulthood,” Myrick said.

A membership with Phyz Edmond covers the kids bootcamp class and a yoga class twice a week. Myrick teaches the Phyz Fit personally and it covers speed, agility, strength, and cardio. The yoga class is taught by Lisa Veach. Myrick’s classes and the yoga classes are an hour each. Kids can take advantage of getting a full exercise program four times a week.

Eventually, Myrick would like to expand the program to areas all around the metro. “There are much larger plans I would love to implement, such as facilities, programs, equipment, but I have to wait until I have the resources to do so,” he said. “I believe 100 percent in the vision and I know it’s going to be a huge success.”

He also currently does one-on-one personal training and bootcamps for adults out of his two studios at Phyz Edmond. “I’ve worked with adults for the last seven years and I really enjoy working with them. Healthy parents will yield a healthy young generation as well,” Myrick said.

Phyz Edmond is located at 21477 N. Western between Covell and Coffee Creek. Look up Phyz Edmond on Facebook and Twitter or go to

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