Silent No More

Like many young boys, Breck McGough grew up loving superhero movies. But it wasn’t the action or special effects that captured his interest—it was the music. 


Now, as the composer of over 20 film scores, he’s turned his sights toward reintroducing the world to musical styles that have gone unheard for nearly a century! 


McGough began performing historical music three years ago when he played piano during a 1920s silent movie. The Paramount Theatre on film row in Oklahoma City was showing the horror flick, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. McGough wrote an original piano score and played live while the film rolled. 


“Playing non-stop for an hour-long movie is exhausting, but it’s an overwhelmingly enjoyable to help the audience experience the film much like audiences would have 95 years ago,” said McGough. 


Performing wasn’t new to McGough, who grew up singing at church. His mom was an opera singer, his aunt was a concert pianist, and his grandma taught him to read music by age of seven. He assumed that all children noticed and loved movie background