Shawna Russell Storms Country Music World

Shawna Russell should have been born with wheels. At least, that’s what someone once told her, and it’s a claim she embraces because this rising country music star has spent much of her life on the road, traveling casino, club and concert circuits.

Her resolve has paid off. After years of dogged persistence, Shawna is poised to storm the country music world. “I was basically born into it,” she says. “I’ve been singing on stage since I was 7 years old and performing professionally since I was 13, so it’s really all I’ve known.”

At 13, she formed a country band with her dad, Keith Russell. Four years later, she joined her uncle, Tim Russell, in the band Way Out West. Her experiences led her on a tour of the U.S. and Canada for 78 weeks at the age of 17, immediately after high school. Shawna only took one week off for Christmas and then quickly forged ahead another 56 weeks without rest.

Shawna’s intensive tour schedule has put her on stage two to six nights a week, sometimes playing up to five sets per night, blasting crowd-pleasers and raw, emotional tunes for a growing cache of fans.

She’s played top venues like Grizzly Rose in Denver, Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth and the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. She even played with Ty England for three years, including a USO tour in Korea in 2005.

In addition to vocals, Shawna has demonstrated prowess in acoustic rhythm, electric slide and lead guitar. Her dad also plays guitar and sings in the band. “It’s very easy to work with him. We really are a great team