Shaun “Voice of the OKC Dodgers” Pryor

With a voice like Shaun’s, an announcing career was inevitable. Deep, booming, and with an infectious laugh to match–Shaun stumbled into his current career path simply by talking.

“I was on the sidelines of a game, just talking, and someone walked up to me and asked, ‘Is that your voice or are you just being silly?’” Shaun said. “It turns out, he owned a sports network. He asked me to announce for him, and I never looked back.”

Shaun has since moved on from his career as a Deer Creek fireman and Southern Sports Network sports announcer to serve as the voice of the Oklahoma City Dodgers. A lifelong sports lover and semi-pro athlete, Shaun was well-equipped for the job. His favorite childhood memories are in the stands, cheering on the Chicago Cubs alongside his grandfather. Now, he enjoys replicating those “all-American memories” for families in the Oklahoma City metro.

Shaun emcees much of the entertainment throughout game nights. From hosting games atop the dugout to letting kids race the bases, Shaun considers himself a ringmaster of sorts. But interacting with fans during the game is when he feels truly in his element.

“Baseball comes with nostalgia–the sights and smells–it’s a very homey feeling,” Shaun said. “There’s something about baseball that can’t be replicated elsewhere, and I want other kids and families to feel that.” Shaun’s goal is total inclusivity. He wants everyone to feel at home in the Oklahoma City Dodgers’ stadium, and he’s going to great lengths to accomplish it.

“Every game, we are out front to greet people,” Shaun said. “And I’ve noticed several kids using sign language. I wanted to interact with them, but I didn’t know how.”

Thankfully, his fiance is fluent in American sign language, and Shaun is now intent upon learning. “I have been practicing. I want everyone to feel seen and connected with when they come to a game.” And Shaun encourages everyone to experience a game at least once. “Baseball is like apple pie,” he said. “It’s an American institution and I implore people to come see the Dodgers play at least once.”

He emphasized the appeal, even for those who don’t consider themselves fans of the sport. The team is continually hosting promotions and family-focused events that offer fun for all ages and interests. “Every Friday night game is followed by a fireworks show,” he said. “And every Sunday, kids can come down to the field and run the bases after the games, just like the pros do.”

The voice of the Oklahoma City Dodgers says, “It’s always a good idea to take your family out to the ballgame.” Those hoping to see Shaun in action can find schedules, tickets, and more information at

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