Seeing Clearly and Great Playgrounds

Sigler Optical

Scott Sigler, MD, who specializes in ophthalmic plastics and reconstructive surgery located at 2020 E. 15th Suite B, believes in living each day holding true to core beliefs.

Belief number one: Time is valuable. “I can’t stand for people to have to wait, so we have adjusted our schedule to allow for more time to spend with patients,” Sigler explains. “My intentions with this location were to create a home-like atmosphere and not have to rush patients in and out.”

Hopefully this belief will spread.

Inside the warm and cozy office, you may first notice that Sigler Optical carries a wide variety of specialty frames. “These are the rare, hard-to-find frames,” Sigler says. “These are frames that you might see on the east and west coasts. The idea is to offer frames that you won’t be able to find everywhere else.”

In addition to fashion prowess, customers are also delighted to discover the many medical services he provides, including eyelid rejuvenation, brow lift, orbital disease care and treatment of cancers around the eye. With 14 years of experience, Sigler is a specialist in the field of Oculoplastics. Due to his extensive skill and knowledge, he devotes half his week to seeing patients and the other half to surgeries.

Sigler sounds like a pretty busy guy, right? Enter belief number two: Faith takes precedence over heavy workloads and busy schedules. “I am a Christian first, and I believe that I can’t separate my work from being a Christian,” Sigler explains.

This “core belief” thing seems to be a recurring theme.

Last but certainly not least, belief number t