Scentsy – Nancy Dobbs

Nancy Dobbs has sold Scentsy products since 2009, and in those eight years, the company has impressed her time and again with the innovative products they roll out each year.

Scentsy, known best for its wickless candles and scented fragrance wax, has dived into the world of natural and essential oils, laundry room staples like detergent and dryer disks, and even portable diffusers for on-the-go use at the office or on the road.

“When they release a new catalog, there’s always something new and fresh in it,” Nancy said. “When I first started, I never thought we would have counter cleaner, hand soaps and men’s grooming products like lotion and shaving cream. It’s always exciting to see what they can come up with.”

As an independent consultant, Nancy manages her own online shop, providing personalized customer service as she caters to shoppers around the country. She also markets the ever-growing array of products at vendor shows across Oklahoma. The nurse-by-day finds that most customers usually discover their favorite scent and they’re hooked. Nancy and her husband Doug are no exception.

“Everything we buy is French lavender — counter cleaner, washer and dryer products, Scentsy wax,” Nancy said. “When you walk into our house it’s like walking into a lavender field.”

Scentsy products make great Christmas gifts, with fragrances perfect for fall and winter, like cider mill, cranberry garland, farmstand pumpkin, peppermint rush and pumpkin roll. A holiday-themed collection features Christmas cottage, cozy fireside, iced pine and many others.

Nancy enjoys being an independent Scentsy consultant and firmly believes in the company’s mission: “Warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.” The role allows for a flexible work schedule and perhaps most importantly, an option to explore fragrances more safely than with burning candles. Before she discovered Scentsy, a candle in a glass jar had overheated, burst and started a fire in her kitchen, leaving her with extensive home damage. Nancy threw away her candles, purchased her first Scentsy product through a friend at work and never looked back.

Although her products are available across the country, Nancy said it’s especially gratifying to serve customers in the Edmond community. 

“I like that small, hometown feel we have here. We moved here from Indiana in 1985 and raised our kids here and we plan to be here through retirement.”

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