Robert Baxter Electric

Robert Baxter

After more than forty years, Robert Baxter still loves his job. “I tried to retire and I got totally bored to tears,” he says, “so I went back into business.” He and his team pride themselves on excellent, customer-centered electrical work for homeowners and businesses.

Starting from Scratch

Most kids don’t daydream of wiring houses, and Robert didn’t either. “I thought I was going to be a professional musician,” he says. As the drummer for a leading local band, he opened for national acts like Three Dog Night and the Beach Boys.

But music didn’t pay well, so he and a friend answered a help-wanted ad for electricians. They were hired as apprentices even though they knew nothing about electricity. “No one was going to tell me I couldn’t do it,” says Robert, “and so I did.”

After getting his contractor’s license, Robert grew his company into the largest non-union shop in the area. He sold that business in 2012 and founded a new one when he came out of retirement.

Doing It Right

Robert Baxter Electric is a family business. His daughter, son-in-law, and grandson all work with him, along with other carefully chosen team members. Building customer connections is at the heart of everything they do.

“I’m old school,” he says. “I respect people. I treat my customers right, and I’ve done very well.”

Safety First

Robert understands budget crunches, but he also wants people to know the risks of cutting corners with electrical work. “People try to save money, but they may be creating something that’s not safe,” he says.

Robert suggests getting the circuit breakers inspected once a year. If you feel heat on the cover of your breaker box, switch, or plug, it’s time to call a professional. “That’s one area you don’t want to shortcut,” he says.

Robert doesn’t plan to try retirement again any time soon, and he’s continuing to grow his business. “I’m very customer oriented,” he says. “And I still love making a light bulb work.”

Visit Robert Baxter Electric at 2421 NW 160th Street or online at

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