Robbie at the Ready

k9 police

Robbie, a patrol dog for the Edmond Police Department, is a Dutch Shepherd imported from the Netherlands. He’s five years old and energetic; with extensive training, his energy remains bridled until there is work to be done. He is 70 pounds of muscle with a silky black and brown brindle coat. His big ears are perked up, waiting for his cue. He follows commands spoken in Dutch. 

Born to Love 

The primary role of the K-9 unit is locating objects, narcotics, or people. A canine’s sense of smell is far superior to that of a human. Robbie is trained to sniff for drugs and to track evidential objects. He also tracks people, either suspects or those in need of rescue. He is gentle, equipped to seek a lost child or an elderly person who may have wandered away from home. Robbie is trained to find ground disturbances. He raises his head, notifying the police that someone is nearby. In evidentiary recovery, Robbie will efficiently scan an area until he finds something significant at which point he will lay down until an officer can recover the item. 

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