Ride On

School is out for the day for 5-year-old Kira Trosclair, and all she can think about is heading home to her bike and playtime with friends. Like any child, Kira loves to ride and play with her friends. But until recently, she was only able to watch the other children have fun. Her physical disability prevented her from participating in playtime and many other children’s activities.

Kira with her bikeKira has multiple duplications of chromosome 22r11, a disability that affects her motor skills. “Kira was almost 2 years old before she started crawling or sitting up,” said Sandy Trosclair, Kira’s mother. Sandy took her daughter to a physical therapist to help strengthen her muscles and improve mobility. Wanting to enhance Kira’s ability to play, AMBUCS, a national disability program that helps improve the lives of disabled people, stepped in. The organization’s local Edmond chapter, AmTrykes, furnishes custom-built bikes for people with disabilities.

AmTrykes started when a physical therapist designed a bike for her own child, and has since grown into a national success. Tom Hatcher, Edmond’s AmTrykes chairman, said every bike is custom-built. “There are an infinite number of accessories designed for each child,” Hatcher said. “We look for the area where they need more help and design the bike to help improve strength and mobility.”