Reporting For: Medical Duty

Would you trust your medical welfare in the midst of a life-threatening emergency to a man named ‘Rowdy’? Hundreds of soldiers did. And the city of Edmond will, too.

In May 2008, Mustang native Rowdy Anthony, RN, accepted the dual posts of Director of the Emergency Department and Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Edmond Medical Center. Among other duties, Anthony will be working to improve the hospital’s already excellent record of quality care.

Anthony, a military man, served his country for twelve years. After two grueling and demanding deployments in Iraq, he retired as a Captain in the army. As a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom, his duties included emergency care, clinical supervision and the coordination of helicopter MEDEVAC operations.

Rightfully proud of his service with the military, Anthony attributes his many talents and skills to his occupation of choice.

“The army expanded my medical knowledge and provided experience and opportunities that no other career offers,” says Anthony. “I’ve held progressive leadership roles as the Director of Emergency Services during two separate deployments to Iraq.”

Anthony is excited about his new position with the hospital. “Edmond is my family’s home. It’s the community where we worship, shop, and spend our leisure time,” says Anthony. “We enjoy the Edmond community, and Edmond Medical Center is a great facility with a long history of compassionately providing the city with needed medical services.”

In his new position at the hospital, Anthony champions a technique known as “evidence-based medicine.” The approach emphasizes the study and consideration of extensive evidence gathered through research when making decisions about medical care. Says Anthony, “The method requires more than just reading an article about the latest ‘new’ thing. It requires assurance that quality and relevant data was used according to the scientific method before applying the research to medical practice. Research constantly changes the face of modern medicine, but we must keep up to speed with analysis and implementation of real-world medical practices.”

The implementation and support of new medical standards such as evidence-based medicine has assured that Rowdy isn’t the only one grateful for his appointment to Edmond Medical. “In the short time I’ve worked with Rowdy I’ve been deeply impressed by his knowledge and passion,” says the hospital’s C.E.O, Tayo Fichtl. “His career has prepared him well for the work he’s doing here, and he performs it with a great deal of enthusiasm and caring. He’s a great addition to the hospital’s team.”

His reputation for excellence in his field is so widely known that Anthony has testified before Congress, advising legislators about Army Nurse Corps recruitment, retention and budgetary needs.

In addition to Congress, Anthony’s medical career also took him to Maryland’s Fort Dietrich, a location popularized by its central role in books such as The Hot Zone and films such as Outbreak. During his stay, Anthony became an expert in patient decontamination, a medical process that could be necessary in the result of biological warfare.

So where did this talented nurse get a name like ‘Rowdy’? “It was given to me by my dad,” says Anthony. “He named me after the Clint Eastwood character in Rawhide— Rowdy Yates. The name’s been with me since I was born.”

Anthony frequently scatters the word “compassion” throughout his conversations. It is a cornerstone for not only his medical philosophy but also for his general outlook on life. Says Anthony, “My personal healthcare philosophy, as well as my attitude towards life, is driven by my love for Christ and my passion for exemplifying His word.”

Like all devoted medical professionals, Anthony’s reward for saving lives can’t be found in a paycheck. “I want to help others by providing compassionate care via evidence-based medicine. I also get a kick out of mentoring our team to prepare them for the growth and development of the hospital.”

In light of such heartfelt dedication and passionate commitment, why wouldn’t you trust your medical welfare to a man named ‘Rowdy’?

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