Recollections of a WWII Bombardier

Jack Myers Book Now in Second Printing
Sit back and take a load off because Jack Myers would like to tell you a story, a few of them actually. But these aren’t your typical stories. Myers, a B-17 bombardier in World War II, has recently published his memoirs. Full of tales of courage and terror, the narrative goes far beyond the traditional accounts of the time, something the author says needed to be done.

“It’s a little different than most of the stories about World War II,” Myers said. “Most of (other people’s) stories are told by Eagle Scouts and wavin’ flags a lot and Mom’s apple pie, and all of that baloney. That wasn’t the way it was. We were a bunch of young kids. When we weren’t getting shot at, we were in Fóggia chasing those Italian gals. That’s the way the story should be told.”

And that’s exactly the way Myers told it. Published last year by the University of Oklahoma Press, the book has generated praise for its authenticity and has far surpassed original sales expectations. Now on its second printing, “Shot at and Missed: Recollections of a World War II Bombardier” traces Myers’ experiences as a second lieutenant in the Fifteenth Air Force in Italy, as racy and colorful as they actually were.

Flying missions over Europe during the peak of the war, the Fifteenth was smaller only than the celebrated Eighth Air Force. Surviving 35 missions, Myers was instrumental in a number of pivotal raids, including one that took out an oil storage facility crucial to the German efforts in the Battle of the Bulge. It was his first mission as a l