Reality T.V.

I admit it. I’ve been extra fascinated with this season’s, “The Biggest Loser: Couples.” Not only is it good reality-based entertainment, it’s the fact that an ex-Back40 staff member is a contestant. Neill Harmer and his lovely wife, Amanda, competed against nine other couples to lose the most weight and win $250,000. Neill and his wife were voted off the show after its third episode but are still in the running for a $100,000 prize. Good luck to Neill and Amanda!

We all can’t be on reality shows, but with a little make-up and an ever-present camera crew, I think parts of our lives could be entertaining for American viewers, especially in light of the recent writer’s strike. Who knows? Here’s what we came up with:

American Idle

(Or we could call it Edmond Lane Swap or Survivor: Waterloo) This slow moving action reality show would chronicle the Edmond rush-hour traffic. I think this would attract a wide demographic and could prove extremely entertaining. I would open the season premiere with the highly emotional 15th and Coltrane 4-way stop. Contestants would try to figure out how to cross the intersection without making contact with each other’s vehicles. Contestants would lose points for gestures, audible outbursts and less than gradual acceleration or deceleration. In our premiere episode a Chimney Hill mother learns that the person with the most expensive car does not necessarily have the right of way.

Design Intervention

The network suits would argue that this reality show concept is too “niche,” but since bad design affects so many lives in so many ways, I think Design Intervention would play to a wider audience