Real-Learning, Real-World

Students from local universities and
tech schools are gaining valuable experience as they intern at Back40
Design Group and Edmond Outlook Magazine.  Currently, we have 5
students interning in a variety of positions with two part-time
positions still available for marketing and sales. Our interns don’t
spend their time with routine tasks like stuffing envelopes.  Instead,
they’re developing valuable skills and gaining experience in everything
from customer relations to CSS layout.  

Erin Cramer is currently interning
in the Magazine and Web Marketing Department.  Lately, she’s
been doing market research and compiling lists of future clients to
call. “Cold calling future customers can be very intimidating,”
she said. “But I intend to get over my hesitations and learn how to
do this in a successful manner.”  Erin is excited about developing
her customer communication skills. “I hope to learn how to appeal
to prospective customers in a way that isn’t pushy or demanding.”  

Back40 Design’s Web CSS Interns work
closely with our programmers and designers by learning practical, on-the-job
skills. Danny Gallegos said, “Reyna (Web Project Manager) keeps me on my toes with a new
challenge everyday and I am thankful for that.” Danny also remarked,
“Interning at Back40 Design helps me get ready for the real world
and the ever-changing world of web design.”  

Jessica Hough, also a Web CSS Intern,
noted that her experience at Back40 has taught her how to interpret
what the client actually wants. Both Danny and Jessica have recently
been helping with CSS layout on several client websites.