Pulling Together for One of Our Own

Teresa Dixon entered the tunnel in late 2008 when her doctor diagnosed her with terminal Polycystic Liver and Kidney disease. Her need for a new liver pushes the boundaries of the definition of “immediately.” The National Transplant Assistance Fund (NATF) is working feverishly to make sure there’s a light at the end of Dixon’s tunnel.

A licensed home childcare provider, Dixon has provided a second home to hundreds of Edmond children during her 15-year career. She provides a safe, fun, Christian environment for children whose parents work difficult schedules. Her dedication and loving attention to children makes her one of the most sought-after homecare providers in Edmond.
Dixon was diagnosed on October 2, 2008. First thought to be a simple virus, further exploration and more bouts with the disease prompted a CAT scan that revealed a massively enlarged liver.

Says Dixon, “I also have Polycystic Kidney disease. This was diagnosed 11 years ago.”

Edmond resident Sharon Writer, Co-Chair of the committee organized to help Dixon find a transplant, says, “We’re asking the community to help give back to a woman who has opened her home and heart to our children.

Teresa wants to wake up each day and see smiling little faces enter her door and watch over them as we go about our day-to-day tasks, knowing our children are happy and safe.”

A client of Dixon’s, Pam Krieske, urges other parents to come to Dixon’s aid. “My dad was the recipient of a lung transplant and this is my way of giving back to everybody that helped us. We want Dixon’s chance at life to be the very best possible one.”

“My husband, Ryan, and I have lived