Print is Making a Comeback

I recently read an article titled Seven Reasons Print Will Make a
Comeback in 2011
. Great title! (Of course I’d say that since I work for
a magazine).  In this day and age, there
are lots of people out there telling business owners to ignore print marketing.
But like the article states, “even in the era of iPads and Apps, there is still
a role for print.”

It brought to my attention the drop in mailers, print
newsletters and flyers that I’ve been getting in the mail these days. With
everyone believing social media is the only way to go, there’s less mail. With
less mail, there’s more attention paid to each piece of direct mail.
Opportunity? Absolutely.

print advertisingDid you know the Edmond
magazine “direct mails” to over 50,000 Edmond homes and businesses
every single month?  And our advertisers
know it’s well-read. Just read the testimonials.

We don’t exclude certain areas, demographics, or neighborhoods to help sell
ads. W