Pray for Recovery

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your prayers for my son Jay. On June 7th he underwent an extensive five-hour dental surgery. Knowing my apprehension and Jay’s lack of articulation, the anesthesiologist invited me to grab some scrubs and accompany Jay to the operating room. It was a gift to me, and as Jay called “Mom” one last time, I kissed his face and watched his eyes close in medicated slumber before being escorted out of the OR to a family waiting room.

Six hours later, I joined Jay in Cardiac ICU, catching my breath at his paleness and the blood still seeping from his mouth. He opened his eyes and said, “Mommy!” I kissed him and his eyes closed again while I cried. And so it went through the night with beeping monitors and IVs.

I admit I wasn’t prepared for this sight but the good news is Jay went home the next day. Having oxygen, a pulse oximeter, walker, AED and more at my house, the cardiologist felt Jay would be safe and recover quicker at home than in the hospital.

But it has been a rough recovery. Three days after he came home, Jay fainted and was rushed to the ER by ambulance and kept overnight for dehydration. He has since seen a family doctor for an infection and is on antibiotics along with Tylenol & Motrin for pain. His jaws hurt. His mouth, neck and even his eye are in pain, and his oxygen saturation levels are abnormally low.

The Lord and I have been in constant communication during these long June days and nights as I petition Him for Jay’s complete healing. I was so focused on prayer for a safe surgical procedure that I underestimated the difficult recovery. But one thing I didn’t underestimate is Jay’s tenacious spirit. He is determined to get well.

To walk without a walker. Watch TV without oxygen. To sing and dance to his music again. To go to church and eventually to Sonic for a Coke. I’m thinking he will make it.

Thank you for continued prayers!

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