Pools, Plantings & Pergolas


Spring is here in full bloom and it’s time to get outside! Outlook visited with Andy Nelson of Nelson Landscaping to get the best tips on outdoor living.

What are some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when putting in a pool?

A common and big mistake homeowners make is not planning the small details well enough. This includes things like not enough of a shallow end, minimal deck space around the pool or not installing a pool heater. Also, going with the cheapest bid… there’s usually a reason it’s the cheapest. 

When doing a pergola, when should it be attached to the house vs. freestanding?

We like to attach pergolas to the house when possible. Whenever you use a freestanding, four-post design, it makes for an awkward space on patios. Attached is a better option and generally it looks nicer. 

What are some of the trends this spring in outdoor living?

People are truly starting to utilize outdoor living as another living space. This means bigger patios and decks, and fire pits and fireplaces that add design and comfort to the space. One of my favorite trends is an automatic screen system which we professionally install. The retractable screen is controlled by a button on your phone to provide shade and protection from insects while enjoying the fresh air.                            

How does maintenance determine your design for clients?

The #1 request from clients is that the landscaping be low maintenance. People are busy, so when we create a landscape design, we include elements like types of plants that don’t require monthly trimming. We are happy to accommodate this request and it’s a good choice to make. 

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when installing a water feature?

Many times, people don’t put in a big enough reservoir of water, so they have to constantly add water to it. This can be a hassle, which often leads people to stop maintaining it. When we design a water feature, we make sure there is a big enough reservoir. We can also tie the water feature into the sprinkler system so there is always a water supply automatically added. The homeowner can sit back and enjoy it. 

When choosing a landscaping company, what should homeowners consider?

– How long have they been in business?
– Does their website show proof that they can create the outcome you want?
– Does the company have a backlog? If they can start the next day, you should be cautious. Nelson Landscaping usually has a 4-6 week wait time but on occasion can accommodate a client with a more pressing deadline.
– Do they have good reviews online and on social media?
– Are they punctual, especially for the first meeting? That’s an important first step to ensuring deadlines will be met.

Call (405) 202- 4120 or visit them online at www.NelsonLandscapingOK.com. 



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