Pilots Fly To Save Lives

Pilots delivering Blood

It’s no secret pilots love to fly. Now, a new program allows them to fly with purpose, delivering life-saving blood products to patients across Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

It started one night 18 months ago, when Carvin Brown was up in the middle of the night, driving blood to a patient in critical need. Carvin thought, “There’s got to be a faster way. Speed equals life.” He had an idea. He called Guthrie pilot Stanley Young, and asked him for help.

“I’ll meet you at the airport in fifteen minutes,” Stanley said. They loaded the blood products into Stanley’s plane and delivered within 30 minutes, instead of the three hours it would have taken to drive.

600 Deliveries and Counting

“We now have 35 pilots, both male and female, participating in Flight for Life. We need even more,” said Sundee Busby, volunteer director for the Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI).“We are a grassroot program, but we’ve completed nearly 600 deliveries. That’s saved us many road miles–but the bottom line is patients a