Paul McCartney Sighted in Arcadia!


It’s true! Singer, Paul McCartney, was actually sighted by Arcadia resident, Toby Thompson. The scene unfolded like this: Toby was weeding in a culvert next to the road near historic Route 66. He was covered in mud, wearing a t-shirt and calf-high socks with his work boots. “I looked like a goofball hillbilly,” Toby said. 

A 1989 Ford Bronco, color green, pulled up alongside the ditch. The passenger window rolled down, so Toby went to offer his assistance—and the world-famous Paul McCartney asked how to get back onto Route 66. Toby assured him and his then-future bride, Nancy Shevell, that they were driving along the original Old Highway 66 from the 1920s, but they were probably seeking the newer, nearby Route 66 from the 1950s. 

“Are you who I think you are?” Toby asked. “Probably.” was the answer. 

That was in August of 2008, but Toby vividly recalls that moment when he met one of his musical heroes—and that he didn