Orthodontic Associates

Orthodontic Associates

October is National Orthodontics Month and the ideal time to evaluate your family’s oral health. Orthodontic Associates, having served Oklahomans for more than two decades, offers the expertise and latest treatments and technologies to help with every aspect of care, from Invisalign and braces, to TMJ therapy and emergency services.

A team of five board-certified orthodontists works together on each patient’s treatment plan, providing the utmost care to patients throughout the metro. They believe it’s never too late to improve your smile for a more confident life, and the sooner you can start, the better.  For children, the doctors at Orthodontic Associates suggest several habits to avoid to maintain optimal oral health.



This can create poor teeth alignment and jaw development. To wean a child from the habit, limit the thumb sucking to certain times of day, then move towards eliminating it altogether. Also, a bandaid on their thumb can serve as a reminder not to put it in their mouth.



This can cause poor teeth alignment and jaw development. Wean children from the habit by limiting their time. Also, cut tips off pacifiers to prevent the child from creating a good seal on the pacifier, which lessens their enjoyment.



When a child’s tongue protrudes through their front teeth during swallowing, speech, or at rest, this can force pressure on the teeth and cause misalignment. Tongue exercises can help retrain the mouth to swallow properly. A speech pathologist can also offer assistance and an orthodontist can provide appliances.



Consistent mouth breathing can affect the bite and development of the jaws. If your child struggles with snoring, open mouth breathing during the day, or consistent allergies, check with your child’s physician for the best methods of correction.


Ultimately, oral health relies on good habits and successful care from the industry’s top medical professionals. Orthodontic Associates offers three office locations, flexible appointment schedules and a variety of treatments to help patients achieve the best results.


To learn more about Orthodontic Associates, visit oasmiles.com


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