Online Exclusive: Tips to Ensure Your Students Success

strong start to the school year often means a successful school year.  College Nannies & Tutors offers the
following simple, practical tips that parents can implement in their own homes
to help set their children up for school success. 

Show Interest
Let your child know right away that their academic success is important
to you.  “Get a school calendar so you
know when grading periods end and when report cards will be mailed home,” says
Karin Dallas, owner of College Nannies & Tutors of Edmond.  “Know when conferences are, prepare questions
beforehand for teachers, and attend conferences.”

Set Expectations Together
Plan a meeting with your child at the beginning of each grading period
to set realistic goals for grades for that term.  During this discussion, take into
consideration your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  It is very important to listen to your child
during this discussion and not set your expectations too high.  Unrealistic expectations could set them up
for failure.

Get To Know Your Child’s School
Remember that teachers, principals and counselors are there to help your
child succeed.  Introduce yourself before
issues arise.  Let them know who you are
and that there is support at home.  “A
great way to get to know the school better is to volunteer at your child’s
school,” says Dallas.  “Your child may
not be thrilled to see you in the hallway, but you will be sending a strong
message that you care about what’s going on there.”

Hop Online
Make time to browse through your child’s school website.  Many teachers have individual websites where
they list upcoming assignments, tests and deadlines.  Most schools offer a way to log into your
child’s personal online “grade book.” 

Support Strong Attendance
When a student misses school they miss out on important information.  Schedule appointments outside of school
hours.  It is especially important to
schedule family vacations around the school calendar.  Again, this is a perfect way to show your
child that you value school and have certain expectations set for them.

Encourage Them to Get Involved
Research shows that students who are involved in structured activities
generally do better in school.  Contact
your school office to find out what activities are offered.  Go over the list of available activities with
your child.  Both of you may be surprised
to learn of the different options.  You
may want to look into private and community organization as well for further

To learn more about College Nannies and Tutors, please visit their
website at,
or call Karin Dallas at 405-513-6060.

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